Dr. Levesque Elementary School Handbook

Welcome to Dr. Levesque Elementary School! We are looking forward to an exciting and successful school year. We have prepared this handbook in an effort to enhance communication between the school and parents/students. We ask for your cooperation so that we may provide your child with a rewarding and enriching educational experience. Please take time to read this handbook thoroughly.

On behalf of the faculty and staff, I extend an invitation for you to visit our school, attend your child's programs, and become an active member in the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). We are very happy to have you and your child with us at Dr. Levesque Elementary School.

Classes begin at 8:20 a.m. For those students who ride with parents or walk to school, we ask that they arrive at school no earlier than 7:30 a.m. Adult supervision will begin at that time.

Students who ride the bus will be dismissed at 2:36 p.m. Students who walk will be dismissed after the buses leave at 2:45 p.m. If you are picking up your child, please report to the office.

We encourage you to try and schedule your child's doctor and dental appointments outside of school hours. If this is not possible, you must come to the main office to have your child dismissed. For your child's safety, the office will not release students to anyone other than parents or legal guardians without express written permission from parents.

Please notify the office in advance and/or advise the teacher if there is to be a change in the method of transporting your child to and from school. If no written notification is received, your child will follow his/her regular method of getting home.

All children are expected to be in attendance each day unless they are ill or a family emergency arises. Following a one-day absence from school, a written note stating the specific reason for the absence is required from parents or guardians unless the school has had prior notification by phone. If a student is absent on two consecutive days and the parent/guardian has not notified the school, the school nurse will call the home to find out the reason for the absence. A student's absence is excused when the absence is for the following reasons:
  1. Personal illness;
  2. An appointment with a health professional that must be made during regular school day;
  3. Observance of a recognized religious holiday when the observance is required during the regular school day;
  4. A family emergency; or
  5. A planned absence for a personal or educational purpose which has been approved by the principal.

A student is considered tardy for the morning after 8:20 A.M. and tardy afternoon after 11:30 A.M. We realize that there will be instances when your child may be tardy, but please avoid this whenever possible. You should accompany your child to the office or send a note to explain the reason for his/her tardiness.

A student is recorded as dismissed for the morning if he/she leaves before 11:30 A.M. and dismissed for the afternoon if he/she leaves before 2:36.

Your child should not attend school if he/she exhibits one or more of the following symptoms:

*Strep Throat/Impetigo and other bacterial infections requiring antibiotics – Keep your child home until they have been on their antibiotics for a full 24 hours.

We will send children home (or call an emergency contact) when they exhibit any of the above symptoms. Children with these symptoms cannot comfortably participate in program activities and unnecessarily expose others to their illnesses; they should stay home for at least 24 hours before returning to school. If you believe your child is too sick to go out to recess, they are probably too sick to attend school. The protocol is that all children will go outside unless there is a valid medical reason from the doctor for them to stay in. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to this protocol. Please call the office (543-7302) if your child will be absent due to illness. Please encourage your child to wash his/her hands before eating, after using the bathroom and after sneezing or blowing their nose. By using these few guidelines we can all stay a little healthier.

Only nondrug cough drops will be allowed in school. This includes cough drops that contain food additives (i.e. honey, lemon) or mineral/vitamin (i.e. zinc, Vitamin C). Menthol, Robitussin DM and similar ingredients are considered drugs and are not permitted. Cough drops must be given to the homeroom teacher at the beginning of the school day.

Students who have an excused absence must make up class work missed. It is the student's responsibility to get the assignments from the teachers.

The federal Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requires that Local Education Agencies inform all school employees and students of asbestos-related activities, such as asbestos inspections and removal projects that have been undertaken in MSAD #33 at least once a year. This information is recorded in the MSAD #33 Asbestos Management Plan. The Superintendent’s office at 432 US Rte. 1, Frenchville, Maine The Asbestos Management Plan is available for review during regular office hours. Copies are available on request at the cost of $.10 per page.

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