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Town and school histories were the subject of much discussion between the schools. 

  Wallagrass & Dr. Levesque Students Share Their History

In November we visited our pen pals in Wallagrass, Maine.  We read them two French big books called  J'Adore la Pizza and Baraboom! 

In May, when our pen pals came to visit us, we exchanged school history and town history.



Dr. Levesque School was built in 1951. Back then the school consisted of just the Red Wing and was called Bailey School. Many students were still going to Dewey School near the town office.

Bailey School was built by St. John Valley Constructing Company owned by Carleton Albert. It was named after Bailey who was a Commissioner of Education, who also happen to design schools. He made cost-saving changes and measured in cubic feet. That’s why our ceilings are high.

At first the Red Wing only housed grades 4, 5 and 6. The parish hall served the school lunch to both Bailey School and Dewey School.

In 1964, the parish hall burned down.. The school board decided to build the White wing and a new wing at the high school was added. Dewey School closed down and all Frenchville children attended Bailey School in grades K to 8. In 1969 there were 348 students at Bailey School.

In 1971 the name of Bailey School was changed to Dr. Levesque School. Dr. Levesque was a well-known doctor from Frenchville. He went to people’s homes when they were sick. Miss Levesque, our 4th grade teacher is Dr. Levesque’s daughter.

Around 1979 Montfort School in St. Agatha closed down and all the St. Agatha students (Grades K-6) moved to Dr. Levesque School. Frenchville’s junior high transferred to St. Agatha

In 1999 we became a Blue Ribbon School.