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Students used computer lab time to coordinate their online interview materials.  They used their newly acquired skills for cutting and pasting to complete their projects.

Emailing  Project for School History


Science and Technology


Students will communicate effectively in the application of science and technology. Students will be able to:


2.  Read and write instructions to be followed or instructions which explain procedures.


Students participated in a computer lab for their emailing assignment.  After connecting to Internet, students accessed their email using it as a base, then linked to the following site: They scrolled down the page  to "Elementary School Grades Kindergarten through Grade Six", and highlighted that section.  They copied the text, returned to their email and then pasted the text to their email. Afterwards they added a greeting and closing to their email letter and sent it to one of the names on the Interview for School History List.



Amanda received this response from  her interviewee. All students received emails.