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Researching the Deportation On Internet

State of Maine Learning Results

English Language Arts    Pre-K - 2

H. RESEARCH-RELATED WRITING AND SPEAKING  Students will be able to work, write, and speak effectively when doing research in all content areas.

3. Record and share information gathered

Students accessed the link provided and read the information on the site in order to answer the questions on the deportation handout.  (See link below)


A class discussion followed to talk about the results of their research.

Teacher duplicates this handout and gives it to students.

THE DEPORTATION (student handout)

1. How many Acadians (exiles) were on the ship Boscawen? _____________

2. How many Acadians were onboard the ship Edward?________________

Where did it land?______________________________________________

Malaria killed how many people on that ship?________________________

When the Acadians on the Edward arrived in Connecticut, what did the people do to the Acadianís personal items? _______________________________


3. How many Acadians were on the Elizabeth?____________________________

Where did they land?___________________________________________

4. How many Acadians were onboard the Endeavor?____________________

Where did it land?_____________________________________________

5. How many Acadians were on the Hannah?____________________________

Where did it land?_____________________________________________

6. What probably happened to the people on the Union?___________________


7. How many people were left in Georgia____________ in Maryland_________

in New York__________ in South Carolina______________

in North Carolina________________ in Virginia________________?


Researching the Deportation on Internet


OBJECTIVES:  Students will learn about the Acadian's difficulties after they were put on various kinds of ships. 


computer with Internet access

handout to answer questions


1.  Students will go on Internet, and write  on the address bar.  After locating the site, they'll find the names of the ships used for the deportation.

2.  Students will use their handout for questions about the ships and use the Acadian site to answer those questions.