Cyber-Sailing the St. John Valley
Country of Origin: France Arrival in Canada:  Acadians St. John Valley in Maine
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Replicating this Project   (Any grade level)

1.  First,  introduce basic computer skills to younger students.  Then start researching the roots of your town and school.  Who were the first settlers?  Where did they come from?  Research the country of origin for the first settlers.  Use Internet for research.

2.   When was your town founded?   Are there colorful characters?  Were there conflicts or problems? What was life like in those early days?  What were schools like? Use Internet resources to verify and expound your information. You may need to interview elderly people (Email is great!) or use Registry of Deeds, town records,  or census records to find more information.  Many census records are published on Internet.

3.   Complete a project on genealogy or family history.  With older students you can introduce them to a wider variety of resources such as the Social Security Index, census records, cemetery records, and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (large genealogical repository).  There are many sources on Internet limited only by one's determination and curiosity   With younger students,  writing and documenting their family history is a good beginning.

4  Visit local historical sites.  Use digital cameras to capture pictures for the booklet.  Have students make slide presentations (ex. PowerPoint, Hyperstudio) using digital pictures to share with peers, parents, or other schools.

5.  Invite local genealogists, historians,  and any community members who can contribute information about local culture and traditions.

6.  Compile all the students' project writings, digital pictures, and research in a book, bind it and send home.