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PowerPoint Projects


English Language Arts


Students will work. write, and speak effectively when doing research in all content areas.  Students will be able to:


1. Develop a search strategy which uses appropriate and available resources.

3. Record and share information gathered.

Grades 3-4

2. Use print and non-print resources to gather information on research topics.

Using notes to write their PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint Lesson Plan


Students will learn how to research on Internet to retrieve information

Students will take notes.

Students will learn how to put together a PowerPoint presentation using their notes.


Computers with Internet

Paper and pencil

PowerPoint program

Activities and Procedures:

Day 1:Students will go to various sites to take notes on their subjects.

St. Agatha's History Daniel Webster and the Ashburton Treaty Story of the Aroostook War told by Joshua Crooker
Frenchville's History The Aroostook War with pictures History of Fort Kent
Ste.Luce Parish Lumber and the Aroostook War John Baker
The Aroostook War Hiram Smith, Hero of the War that Wasn't History of early settlements in Madawaska
Day 2: Students will receive an overview of PowerPoint and its features (file menu: new, open, close, save, save as, print and exit; view menu : slide show; edit menu: cut, copy, paste: insert menu: new slide, text box;  format menu: slide layout, slide color scheme, background; slide show menu: view show, custom animation.

Students will go  to their computers and start to work on their presentations using their notes.

Day 3 and Day 4: Work on presentation continues until completed.

Assessment: Rubric: