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Third grade Madawaska students study local history and wanted to know what we'd been studying.  My second graders emailed them summaries.

 Emailing Madawaska Third Graders

Taylor is writing her summary on Word Perfect. She chose to write about the border dispute.


We received an email back from Mrs. Pelletier, third grade teacher from Madawaska.
"The students did a great job on their write-up on Acadian history. You did say these were second graders?  I'll share their stories with my class.  I'm sure they'll enjoy it.  Thanks!  Rita  "


TITLE: Emailing Local History



Students will share what they have learned by emailing third grade students in Madawaska, Maine.


Notes from research

Computers with Internet

Madawaska URL


1. Students will retrieve their research notes from previous projects.

2.  Students will choose the local history topic they want to email and write about it. They may work in pairs.

3. In the computer lab, students will go to Word Perfect and copy their historical notes.

4. Next, they will go to Outlook Express and find the Send/Receive email icon.

5. They will copy and paste their local history notes in Word Perfect on to their letter and add a greeting and ending.

6.  Lastly, they will send their email to Madawaska students.