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The digital camera was used to encourage students to write about themselves and their families.  Students took cameras home to capture pictures, brought them to school and downloaded them to our photo site.  In Word Perfect they wrote about their photos and then printed the story with photograph on picture paper.  The cameras were a hit.  Most students collected so many photographs that they would give up their recess periods and personal  time to ensure all of their favorites would be published. This project turned several reluctant writers into avid publishers.

Digital Stories


English Language Arts


Students will demonstrate the ability to use the skills and strategies of the writing process.  Students will be able to:


1. Tell about experiences and discoveries, both orally and in writing.

A sample digital picture and story composed and assembled by one student. My students really enjoyed working on this camera assignment.  


One student took a digital picture of a photograph and wrote about her earlier years.

Digital Camera and Printed Story Lesson Plan


Students will learn to use and take care of a digital camera.

Students will learn to use IXLA Photo Program to import pictures from digital camera and print them.

Students will use Word Perfect to write stories to accompany their pictures.


bulletdigital cameras
bulletprinting paper
bulletcomputer with word processor and photo editing program


1. Day 1: Students were given a permission slip to take cameras home.  Students learn how to take pictures, use the self-portrait feature of our cameras and how to pack the camera back in its case. Students discuss what kinds of pictures would be good additions for a genealogy book. They take cameras home overnight or for the weekend.

2. Day 2:  Students learn how to import pictures from the camera using our photo program and how to view their pictures.  They learn to select their picture, edit and save  it.

3. Day 3:  Students learn how to print their pictures and choose printing features.

4. Day 4:  Students are shown how to write stories or captions about their pictures on Word Perfect.  They learn to align their print to fit on the page of  their printed photograph sheet.  Students' story writing needs to be proofread and edited before they are allowed to print.

ASSESSMENT:  Writing rubric