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Colorful Revolutionary War figure, Philip Long,  is a great, great grandparent to several students.  His life story is a parallel of Acadian culture, history, and stubborn determination.  It's too bad he was on the British side.

Philip Long Play


Visual and Performing Arts


Students will create and/or perform to express ideas and feelings.  Students will be able to:


6.  Perform and/or listen to a number of pieces on a given theme and create a variation.


Students will understand the cultural contributions of the arts, how the arts shape and are shaped by prevailing cultural and social beliefs and values, and recognize exemplary works from a variety of cultures and historical periods.  Students will be able to:


3.  Interpret or perform simple visual and performance pieces from different cultures and/or times.

Philip Long decides to join the Loyalists.

He visits a recruiter and joins the Red Coats.

The growing Long family gets ready for company.

Jean goes to the stable to milk the cow. Students sing Je Vais a L'etable Pour Tirer la Vache.

Julie and Philip are buried at Ste. Luce Cemetery in Frenchville, Maine next to the school.


Students improvised during both the play practices and the performances as wedding rings appeared, a doll baby, food, and extra speaking parts were creatively added.


Copy of Philip Long Play

ASSESSMENT: Rubric for Cooperative Learning and Rubric for Play