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This is our second step in our historical search of our roots.  In this segment, our forefathers have arrived in Canada.

Acadians  (Canada)

After the immigrants arrived in Acadie, they began to prosper and multiply.  Old world rivalries soon began to affect their daily lives.  The country's English settlers became very nervous.  Acadians were asked to sign an oath of loyalty to the British.  Most refused. To sign the oath would have meant the new settlers would be subject  to fight the French/Indian inhabitants of Canada.  To diminish their numbers, the English decided to move them out of Acadie by ship  to various places around the globe.

Reading & Writing  About Acadians 

Researching the Deportation

The Deportation  PowerPoint by Crystal and Amanda

 Singing Acadian/Canadian Songs

 Acadian Acrostic Poem

bulletAcadian Song Lyrics
bulletUn Canadien Errant
bulletThe Lumber Camp Song
bulletPartons, la mer est belle
bulletThe Log Drivers' Waltz


Those who stayed behind in Acadia were required to sign an Oath of Allegiance to the British.

The Acadian Flag

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