Cyber-Sailing the St. John Valley
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The St. John Valley in the state of Maine was settled by fleeing Acadians.  The pioneer settlers escaped the deportation by following the St. John River west.  The St. John River forms the international border between Canada and the United States.   The Valley is unique because its people have tried to retain their customs and traditions.  The usage of the French language has diminished but is still prevalent.

St. John Valley 

bulletIntroduction to Local History
bulletResearching Local History
bullet Pod Meeting
bullet Presenters of Local History and Culture
bullet Cultural Potpourri Afternoon      
bulletParents' Local History Afternoon
bulletLocal Medicinal Plants
bulletSchool History Interviews
bulletSharing History Via Email
bulletField Trips:  
bullet Ste.LuceCemetery
bulletSt. Agatha Historical House
bulletFrenchville Field Trip
bulletThe Acadian Village
bulletSt. David Landing
bulletHistorical Field Trip to Fort Kent
bulletMaple Sugar Camp
bullet Bouchard Ployes

The Fish River Falls in Fort Kent


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