Cyber-Sailing the St. John Valley
Country of Origin: France Arrival in Canada:  Acadians St. John Valley in Maine
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Rubric for Schools Then and Now

4 Very neat work. Work shows you took your time. There are 5 or more similarities and 5 or more differences. Penmanship is legible. Complete sentences used throughout.


3 Work is neat. There are 4 or more similarities or differences. The penmanship is readable. Sentences contain only a few mistakes.


2 Work is unorganized. There are 3 similarities and differences. Penmanship is poor and the work looks hurried. Only a few sentences are complete.


1 Work is poorly done. Looks like there was little effort throughout. There are 2 or less similarities and differences. Penmanship is poor and sentences not complete.

Students gave themselves a grade and the teacher verified it.