Cyber-Sailing the St. John Valley
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Students contacted adults with Internet access who would be willing to complete an interview sheet concerning their school experiences.  Willing adults completed the questionaire online and the results were compiled into a "Then and Now" project.  An Internet contact list was developed along with their names and URL (not shown).

School Interviewees



1. Mrs. Cleo Paradis URL ADDRESSES
2. Ms. T.O. (Terry Ouellette)  
3. Mrs. Linda Bouchard  
4. Mrs. Desjardins  
5. Mrs. Lisa Bernier  
6. Mrs. Jeannine Michaud  
7. Mrs. Claire Pelletier  
8. Mrs. Doreen Paradis  
9. Mrs. Liza Pelletier
10. Mr. Ryan Pelletier
11. Mrs. Jan Young
12. Mrs. Lynn Ouellette
13.Mrs. Bernice Vaillancourt  
14. Mr. Bill Melvin  
15. Mr. Paul Vaillancourt  
16. Glenn Pelletier  
17. Ms. Jeannine
18. Don Cyr