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Ployes (pronounced ploy, like boy) are a buckwheat pancake.  It is a traditional valley  staple which was included at most meals.  Ployes were served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They were also a staple in lumbering camps.  This center demonstrating ployes was a favorite for students and teachers alike.

Ploye Center


Modern and Classical Languages

E.  Cultural Practices, Products, and Perspectives

Students will gain insight into another culture through an understanding of its social practices, products, and perspectives.  Students will be able to:

2. Identify the unique products of another culture such as toys, food, songs, currency and crafts.

Making  Ployes (Buckwheat Pancakes) on a Hot Griddle

Marian and Ellen made ployes for all 3 POD classes.  Students had a choice of traditional toppings for their ployes:  echalottes (scallions), pork cretons (a meat spread), butter, and maple syrup. Also on the menu was Beignet Cake (pronounced beng-yeah), a traditional desert in the St. John Valley.  Students and adults ate to their heart's content!
The aroma brought teachers from other classrooms to the gym to eat ployes and Beignet Cake. 

  Students involved in a traditional taste test

(eating  and enjoying ployes). 


To enjoy ployes at home...Ploye Recipe 


Ploye Word Find  

When students were done eating, they worked on a "Ploye Word Search" until it was time to go to the next center.