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Students were exposed to the program PowerPoint.  Using this tool, the first slideshow project  was prepared on the maple sugaring process.  Presenting in PowerPoint was a real self-esteem booster for the preparers and a motivator for those viewing the demonstration.  PowerPoint was infectious.  Some students completed 3 slideshow presentations.

Students' Slideshow Presentation



B. Cultural Heritage

        Students will understand the cultural contributions of the arts, how the arts shape and  are shaped by prevailing cultural and social beliefs and values, and recognize exemplary works from a variety of cultures and historical periods.  Students will be able to:

        3. Interpret or perform simple visual and performance pieces from different cultures and/or times.

With the help of PowerPoint, Vanessa and Elizabeth explain the history of the maple sugar process to groups of students.  Pictures on their presentation were taken during our class field trip to Rioux's Maple Sugar Camp.
The two girls presented their slide show to rotating groups of students working in centers.
Even our district's superintendent (red shirt) came to see our presentation!