Cyber-Sailing the St. John Valley
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Local entertainers and musicians shared their talents, instruments, and musical traditions with students from both schools.

               Playing Spoons, Listening to Accordion Music, the Harmonica and Dancing


Visual and Performing Arts      (Pre-K-2)


Students will understand the cultural contributions (social, ethical, political, religious dimensions) of the arts, how the arts shape and are

shaped by prevailing cultural and social beliefs and values, and recognize exemplary works from a variety of cultures and historical

periods. Students will be able to:  

  3. Interpret or perform simple visual and performance pieces from different cultures and/or times.

Mr. Roger St. Onge and Mrs. Oakes entertained the class by playing the accordion, harmonica and spoons.  Mr. St. Onge explained the history of the accordion and harmonica.  Mrs. Oakes accompanied her dad on spoons and then showed second graders how to play this old-time rhythmic instrument (Items which most households had) .                                


Mr. St. Onge and Mrs. Oakes also showed both second grade classes how to dance La Danse des Canards (The Duck Dance). This is a popular dance seen at weddings or French gatherings.


Fun was had by all!


Extension Activities

Students became fond of and attached to their spoons.  They played for the entire student body, parents  on International Day, for the tour guides at the Van Buren Acadian Village, and for Ms. Plourde, the curator at the St. Agatha Historical House.