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All students wanted an opportunity to present their slide shows to their parents.  An afternoon was set aside for presenting PowerPoints.  Since we had a captive audience, the students presented our play on Philip Long.  Students beamed as they presented their work.  Two very shy students presented their slide show with confidence and competence to the amazement of us all.

Local History Afternoon with Parents and Students


Visual and Performing Arts


Students will understand the cultural contributions of the arts. how the arts shape and are shaped by prevailing cultural and social beliefs and values, and to recognize exemplary works from a variety of cultures and historical periods.  Students will be able to:


3. Interpret or perform simple visual and performance pieces from different cultures and/or times.

4. Experiment with works exhibiting variety in style/technique, trends and culture.

5. Create original works that integrate one or more of the characteristics and purposes of artworks from different cultures (include own community and culture)

A letter of invitation was sent to parents.

Students put the finishing touches on their PowerPoint presentations and as a class practiced their Philip Long play.

Local History Afternoon                       

Philip Long Play:  Students presented their play on Philip Long to parents, kindergarten students, college students, and our local state representative,  At the end of the play, students shared with parents how they were related to either Philip or Julie Long.

Slide Shows:    All students demonstrated what they had learned, as well as showed their enthusiasm for the advanced features of PowerPoint.   

These PowerPoint presentations are a sampling of the projects presented to parents.  There are other PowerPoint presentations linked throughout this website.  All PowerPoint presentations were available for viewing and discussion with parents.

Deer  by Corey and Josh The Border Dispute by Taylor
Lumbering by Sarah and Meghan John Baker by Suzie and Tiffani
St. Agatha by Heather and Andrea  



Right:  Performing our play on Philip Long.. 

Left: Singing:  Je Vais a L'Etable Pour Tirer ma Vache




During the afternoon,  students presented their PowerPoint slide shows. In this picture Sarah and Meghan are explaining lumbering in the St. John Valley to the audience.