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A Parents'/Grandparents' Genealogy afternoon was held in May. Students used their newly acquired Internet skills to assist their parents/grandparents with researching genealogy on the World Wide Web.

 Parents'/Grandparents' Genealogy Afternoon

Preparations for Genealogy Afternoon

bulletA letter to parents was sent.
bulletStudents started preparing for the afternoon by going  in the computer lab to visit Internet genealogy sites to become familiar with the sites they would use to help their parents/grandparents on Internet. 
bulletMaterials for Genealogy Afternoon were gathered for the afternoon.
bulletSpeakers for Genealogy Afternoon were invited.

The Day of the Genealogy Afternoon


Students helped parents/grandparents with their genealogy research.


Gathering Forms 


Helpful Genealogy Links

An article about our afternoon was published in the St. John Valley Times newspaper.