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Researching France On The Internet

As second graders this activity was one of the students' first experiences in researching on the Internet.   Students used teacher-selected URLs to find information on France (see Web Pages).  Using the information provided by the web pages, they also learned how to use  the attached links to attain further information.


English Language Arts    Pre-K - 2

H. RESEARCH-RELATED WRITING AND SPEAKING  Students will be able to work, write, and speak effectively when doing research in all content areas.

3. Record and share information gathered

Students started their research with 3 websites.

They looked up the population figures for France,  its continent,  and its present form of  government.

Using  the information taken from their search,   students determined relevant facts they discovered about France.  See sample. 

Researching France on the Web Lesson Plan

GRADE: 2    (1 hour)

OBJECTIVES:  Students will learn to extract  information  from specific websites.  They will also discover that links  can give you more information when surfing the web.


handouts: "Webpages",  "France", and "I discovered on.."

computers with Internet


Students will go to to explore what kinds of information is found on that site.

As they find information, they need to write it on the "I discovered on.." sheet.  (See above)

They also need to look for the required information on the "France" handout.  (See above)

They will visit all three URLs to complete their assignment.