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Art:  French Impressionism


Visual and Performing Arts

    A. CREATIVE EXPRESSION: Students  will create and/or perform to express ideas

     and feelings. Students will be able to:

            2. Experiment with art forms.

            3. Demonstrate an understanding of the differences in the materials

                and techniques used to produce selected art works.

            14. Use materials and tools in a a safe responsible manner.

              Second grade students in Mr. Patterson's art class worked on French Impressionism.  Impressionist artists drew mostly about outdoor subjects. They used high-key colors and a variety of brushstrokes.  Students used oil pastels  and watercolors on their pictures.  They mixed  red, yellow, blue and white to get all other colors on their pictures. Their picture was modeled after Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night".

 Students drawing in art class.

Corey's finished product