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This site traces the ancestors of our students who were forcibly deported from Nova Scotia and dispersed throughout North America.  In large part our ancestors came from France through present day Canada and into the upper St. John Valley of Maine.  Segments of this project deal with the genealogy information and cultural traditions of all  three countries.  We begin with...

France: Country of Origin

During the late 1500s and early 1600s, times were very unsettled in Europe.  When the French had an opportunity to leave their native land for religious and personal freedom, they did.   They boarded ships destined for the New World. Many landed in Nova Scotia, in a place they would call Acadie.  

               RESEARCHING/ LEARNING ABOUT FRANCE                    

bulletResearching France on Internet
bulletUMFK College Students Present
bulletReading Big Books in French
bullet Art: French Impressionism
bullet French Opera
bulletMap Skills
bulletFamous Sites
bulletFrance Powerpoint by Ben
bulletSinging in French (alphabet)
bulletInternational Day
bulletFrench Vocabulary Development