Cyber-Sailing the St. John Valley
Country of Origin: France Arrival in Canada:  Acadians St. John Valley in Maine
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Students have prepared a historical record to take home and share with family and friends.  The book is a spiral bound display of their personal history and a printed record of their Internet research.  At the end of the project, it becomes a lasting keepsake of their family's roots. 

Building our Local History/Genealogy Book

The following items can be found within this personal history book:


bulletA printed copy of their class PowerPoint Presentations
bulletMap of France
bulletMy Research on France Using Internet      


bulletResearch on Deportation
bullet"I Was There" composition


bulletInternet Research
bulletPrintouts of class PowerPoint presentations: John Baker, Philip Long, Ployes, Maple Syrup, and St. Agatha
bulletLocal Medicinal Plants
bulletSchool History Project
bulletPenpal Letters
bulletField Trip Photos:  Town of Frenchville Historical Visit , St.Agathe Historical House, Acadian Village, Fort Kent Blockhouse, Immigration/Customs Office


bulletPedigree Chart and Family Group Sheets
bulletHow Are We Related?
bulletFamily Stories on Digital Pictures
bulletPictures of Parents/Grandparents Genealogy Afternoon and Other Events
bulletTime Line of Family
bulletGenetics Family Research 
bulletWho's related to Philip Long?
bulletAll family stories (handwritten or computer-generated)

Assessment for Book Project:  Rubric