Several important safety considerations are a MUST for snow throwers!  We call them  "DO NOTs"

Do not make adjustments with the motor running

Do not run the motor indoors except when starting the motor and transporting the snow thrower in or out of the building

Do not attempt to clear steep slopes

Do not operate the snow thrower unless proper guards, plates or other safety protective devices are in place and working properly

Do not overload the machine by trying to clear the snow too quickly

Do not operate the machine at high speeds on slippery surfaces

Do not direct snow at people

Do not operate the snow thrower without good visibility or light

Do not put your hand into the auger housing or discharge chute while the engine is running.  Turn off the engine, disconnect the spark plug wire, and wait for all moving parts to stop.  Use a tool to pry out any snow, ice, or other material that prevents the snow blower from expelling snow

Do not use your hands to remove the blockage - fingers have been amputated when the impeller blade has rotated while people were removing snow with their hands