Snow throwers are hazardous pieces of equipment.  Most accidents occur when clearing the chute improperly.  The following procedures should help with safe operation of snow throwers.


Read and follow the manufacturer's operating manual

Use only the attachments and accessories approved by the manufacturer

Keep people away from starting and operating areas

Wear close-fitting clothing appropriate for cold weather exposure

Disengage all clutches and shift into neutral before starting the motor

Check shear bolts frequently for proper tightness

Adjust the collector housing to clear gravel or crushed rock surfaces

Walk slowly, maintain good footing, and keep a firm hold on the handles while operating

Change direction slowly on slopes

Keep clear of the discharge opening at all times

Stop the motor, remove the wire from the spark plug, and make sure that the collector and all moving parts have stopped before cleaning, repairing or inspecting

Stop the motor after striking an object, before thoroughly inspecting the snow thrower for any damage.  Repair if necessary

Stop the motor if the unit begins to vibrate abnormally.  Check for cause of vibration