Snow Thrower Quiz

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1 Which of the following should you do?
    Scribe your name on the unit
    Replace the shear bolts every 6 months
    Read and follow the manufacturer's operating manual before use
    None of the above

2 Before storing the unit, you should:
    End of season: Empty or stabilize the gas, remove the spark wire, and store safely (building not attached to a school building unless fireproofed). 
    Remove the key and put it in a centralized/locked cabinet.
    Daily: Allow the engine to cool  each time used before storing it
    All of the above

3 If the unit begins to vibrate abnormally, you should finish the job first then inspect the unit.

4 When removing a blockage, you should use:
    Your hand if the unit is off
    Call for help, someone will bring me a new one
    A tool or other item, not your hand
    A greased rag
    All of the above

5 It is ok to overload the machine for short periods.

6 You should change directions slowly on slopes

7 Which of these should you NOT do?
    Read the instruction manual before use
    Check the shear bolts periodically
    Attempt to clear steep slopes
    Keep clear of the discharge

8 When inspecting the snow thrower, you should remove the wire from the spark plug.

9 When the motor is running it is ok to make small adjustments to the machine.

10 You should always direct snow away from individuals and property that could get damaged.

Please print this quiz after completing it.

Review your answers using the answer key.