Snow Thrower Quiz

Answer Key

1 Which of the following should you do?
    Read and follow the manufacturer's operating manual before use

2 Before storing the unit, you should:
    All of the above

3 If the unit begins to vibrate abnormally, you should finish the job first then inspect the unit.

4 When removing a blockage, you should use:
    A tool or other item, not your hand, only after the unit is turned off

5 It is ok to overload the machine for short periods.

6 You should change directions slowly on slopes

7 Which of these should you NOT do?
    Attempt to clear steep slopes

8 When inspecting the snow thrower, you should remove the wire from the spark plug.

9 When the motor is running it is ok to make small adjustments to the machine.

10 You should always direct snow away from individuals and property that could get damaged.