Respiratory Protection Quiz

Answer Key

1 What is the purpose of the Respiratory Protection Program?
    Ensure adequate respiratory protection

2 Respiratory equipment used by schools should be

3 The employee is responsible for the routine care and maintenance of their respirator

4 What medical individual will provide the medical evaluation procedure for the school system?
    A doctor, or ocupational clinic, chosen by the school that ensures that the individual is capable
of wearing a respirator.

5 An atmosphere supplying respirator will not protect against gases and vapors.

6 All employees must pass an appropriate QLFT or QNFT.

7 Which of the following is not a criteria for determining the adequacy of the respirator fit?
    Color of the respirator

8 Placing the test operator under a hood is part of the Irritant Smoke Fit Test Procedure.

9 The school system will supply respirators to all employees that need them.

10 A person that receives a facial scar after being fit tested does not need to be tested again.