PPE Quiz

Answer Key

1 Which of the following is NOT a potential hazard to your eyes?
    Light from reading lamps

2 When using an eyewash station, you should:
    Hold both eyes open with your fingers and look into the stream of water

3 The PPE standard requires that employers must establish and administer an effective PPE program for employees and that employees be trained in the proper use of PPE.

4 Which of the following is NOT one of your responsibilities as an employee?
    Maintaining records of the workplace assessment and of your training

5 You should wear hearing protection devices whenever you are exposed to noise that is 85 decibels or greater for an 8-hour period of time.

6 You should always use metal mesh gloves when working around electrical sources.

7 Which of the following is NOT an advantage of wearing earmuffs?
    Easy for your employer to supervise the wearing of this device

8 If you work in a wet, slippery area, you should wear PVC or rubber footwear.

9 You can always substitute barrier creams for wearing gloves.

10 Regular glasses provide the same protection as safety glasses.