Wearing and Using Safety Footwear

  • Select and use the right kind of footwear for the job you are going to be performing. Footwear should meet or exceed the standards set by ANSI (ANSI Z41-1991).
  • Avoid footwear made of leather or cloth if you work around acids or caustics. These chemicals quickly eat through the leather or cloth, and can injure your feet.
  • Select footwear that fit.
  • Inspect your footwear before you use them. Look for holes and cracks that might leak.
  • Replace footwear that are worn or torn.
  • After working with chemicals, hose your footwear with water to rinse away any chemicals or dirt before removing your footwear.
  • Avoid borrowing footwear. Footwear is personal protective equipment.
  • Store footwear in a clean, cool, dry, ventilated area.