Wearing and Using Gloves

- Select and use the right kind of glove for the job you are going to be performing.
- Select gloves that fit.
- Some gloves may be chemical specific and have a life expectancy. Discard them after the recommended       time has expired.
- Remove any rings, watches, or bracelets that might cut or tear your gloves.
- Wash your hands before and after wearing your gloves.
- Inspect your gloves before you use them. Look for holes and cracks that might leak.
- Replace gloves that are worn or torn.
- After working with chemicals, hold your gloved hands under running water to rinse away any chemicals         or dirt before removing the gloves.
- Wash cotton gloves as needed.
- Avoid borrowing gloves. Gloves are personal protective equipment.
- Store gloves right side out in a clean, cool, dry, ventilated area.
- Never wear gloves around powered rotating equipment - drills, lathes, etc.