Standard LOTO Procedures

Each school building, or school system, must have a written LOTO plan that is communicated to employees who maintain equipment and work around energy sources (electric panels, hydraulics, etc).  Employees must be familiar with the plan and use the plan to safeguard against accidental start up of equipment and energy sources (electric panels) during maintenance activities.  Single plug equipment under the direct control of the individual maintaining it is exempt, however if the person leaves the machine unattended (leaves for the night), it must be part of the LOTO plan.

In general, equipment and energy sources must be isolated, tagged "out of service", and locked out from re-energizing while repairs are being made or they are shut down for some reason.  Following maintenance or shutdown, the equipment or energy source can only be put back into service after the "person in charge" signs off on it and all sources of energy have been checked to ensure that accidental start-up does not occur.  Someone has to be in charge of all LOTO plans and sign off on restarts!  Records must be kept.

LOTO Plans Required!

LOTO plans do NOT have to be complicated and expensive equipment for LOTO does NOT need to be purchased.  OSHA requires employers to have a written LOTO plan that safeguards employees, but it does not specify how.  A simple LOTO plan could list a "person in charge", have a documentation booklet that lists everytime a piece of equipment/electric panel/energy source was placed in and out of service and by whom, a tag system that goes on the equipment or energy source that simply reads "out of service", and some  mechanism to lock out the equipment (cut the plug off, duct tape the end, place a lock on it, whatever works to prevent it from being plugged in or energized unexpectedly) until ONE person in charge can authorize re-energization of that equipment.  It's that simple..  

LOTO Devices and Isolating Devices can be issued to individual schools or school systems-See Superintendent or Designee.