Lock Out/Tag Out Quiz

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1 What is the purpose of the Lockout/Tagout Program? 
    Make employees do extra work
    Help provide for employee protection with respect to electricity and other energy sources
    Another government mandate
    Keep students out of the hallways

2 The most important rule is to bypass or defeat lockout/tagout devices with:
    A pair of snips
    Don't use the devices to begin with
    There is no such rule
    The proper jumper

3 Keys should be left in the ignition while working on a vehicle.

4 Unexpected release of energy can result in ____ to unsuspecting individuals.
    A really good time
    Injury or Death
    Extra time off
    A nice fat law suit
    All of the above

5 It is ok to copy the lockout key and anyone can lock or tagout a piece of equipment.

6 People that lock out or tag out equipment do not need training and do not need to know where the written LOTO plan is located.

7 LOTO procedures must be followed when?
    B,C, and D below
    When contractors are working in or around the building
    When any piece of equipment is being repaired by a school employee
    When energy sources like hydraulics, pneumatics, and electricity could injury if re-energized

8 The head custodian (or system facility manager) should have control of the isolating devices, a copy of the LOTO plan, and tags.

9 Someone always has to sign off (and be "in-charge") before energy sources or equipment can be started up after a repair or shutdown.

10 You should always check to see if the power is really disconnected even after locking and tagging out the equipment before repairs are made.  

Please print this quiz after completing it.

Review your answers using the answer key.