Lock Out/Tag Out Quiz

Answer Key

1 What is the purpose of the Lockout/Tagout Program? 
    Help provide for employee protection with respect to electricity and other energy sources

2 The most important rule is to bypass or defeat lockout/tagout devices with:
    There is no such rule

3 Keys should be left in the ignition while working on a vehicle.

4 Unexpected release of energy can result in ____ to unsuspecting individuals.
    Injury or Death

5 It is ok to copy the lockout key and anyone can lock or tagout a piece of equipment.

6 People that lock out or tag out equipment do not need training and do not need to know where the written LOTO plan is located.

7 LOTO procedures must be followed when?
    B,C, and D below

8 The head custodian (or system facility manager) should have control of the isolating devices, a copy of the LOTO plan, and tags.

9 Someone always has to sign off (and be "in-charge") before energy sources or equipment can be started up after a repair or shutdown.

10 You should always check to see if the power is really disconnected even after locking and tagging out the equipment before repairs are made.