All science labs in Maine where hazardous chemicals are used must have a designated chemical hygiene officer (CHO) and a written and adopted chemical hygiene plan (CHP).  This section provides a written chemical hygiene plan for schools, some safe operating procedures for areas where chemicals are used, a student safety manual for the various areas where chemicals are used, and a safety contract for students/staff.  Additionally, sample forms are included for use.  Remember that schools need to adapt these plans and procedures for their particular situations and ensure that they are understood and adopted by students, staff, and administration.  Last, training is also included for chemical hygiene officers.


Section 1   Written Plan

            Part 1               Policy, Scope and Application
            Part 2               Responsibilities
            Part 3               Employee Information
            Part 4               Employee Training
            Part 5               Student Training
            Part 6               Authorized Chemical Use
            Part 7               Control Measures
            Part 8               General Requirements
            Part 9               Specific Requirements
            Part 10             Protective Equipment
            Part 11             Fume Hoods
            Part 12             Exposure Monitoring
            Part 13             Medical Surveillance
            Part 14             Incidents
            Part 15             Waste Disposal
            Part  16            Chemical Exposure
            Part  17            Chemical Spills
            Part 18             Appendix

Section 2  Standard Operating Procedures

Corrosive Materials
Flammable Materials
Moisture Reactive
Compressed Gases
Toxic and Poisonous Substances

Section 3  Student Safety Training Manual


Part 1 – Art
            Part 2 – Biology
            Part 3 – Chemistry
            Part 4 – Earth Sciences
            Part 5 – Elementary School Laboratories
            Part 6 – Graphics Laboratories and Darkrooms
            Part 7 – Physics

Section 4  Forms
Several forms exisit in this section that can be reproduced and tailored to each school's needs.  They are produced here with permission of the Kenosha School District and are meant to be examples to be tailored to each school system's needs..

Employee Training Log
Student Training Log
Laboratory Inspection Log (semester basis)
Chemical Storeroom Inspection Log (annual basis)
Chemical Use Request Form
Fume Hood Inspection Log

Section 5 Chemical Hygiene Officer Training

Laboratory Incident Reporting Form - Pg. 1

Laboratory Incident Reporting Form - Pg. 2