Policy, Scope and ApplicationResponsibilities; Employee Information;Employee Training; Student Training; Authorized Chemical Use;Control Measures, General Requirements;Specific Requirements; Protective Equipment; Fume HoodsExposure Monitoring; Medical Surveillance; Incidents; Waste Disposal; Chemical Exposure; Chemical Spills; Appendix

Control Measures

Parts 7 through 15 of Section 1 constitute additional measures the System shall use to control hazardous chemical exposures and protect the safety and health of employees and students using hazardous chemicals.

•  Part 8   General Requirements
•  Part 9   Prohibitions
•  Part 10 Protective Equipment
•  Part 11 Laboratory Fume Hood Operation
•  Part 12 Exposure Monitoring
•  Part 13 Medical Surveillance
•  Part 14 Incidents
•  Part 15 Waste Disposal

Additionally, generic Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), contained in the appendix, are mandatory procedures developed to ensure that certain classes of hazardous materials are handled safely and used in a manner protective of employee and student health.  SOPs are intended to provide the user with a quick reference source of information for a general class of chemicals and are not intended to represent all of the CHP requirements for that particular chemical’s use.  Users should consult the entire CHP for comprehensive handling requirements when warranted.

•  SOP No. 1  Corrosive Materials
•  SOP No. 2  Flammable Materials
•  SOP No. 3  Oxidizers
•  SOP No. 4  Moisture Reactive Substances
•  SOP No. 5  Compressed Gases
•  SOP No. 6  Toxic/Poisonous Substances