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Authorized Chemical Use

All chemicals must be approved for instructional use prior to requisitioning chemical substances from the Purchasing Department.  The Authorized Use List (AUL) should list all chemical substances currently approved for classroom and laboratory use within the school.  Chemical Abstract Numbers (CAS No.) have been assigned to each approved substance to ensure accurate chemical identification.  Chemicals or chemical substances not on this list are prohibited from use.  Employees and students are not allowed to bring chemical substances to school under any circumstances or perform unauthorized chemical experiments.

The AUL is comprised of only reagent or technical grade chemicals and does not include trade name or commercially available substances that may be used in the classroom.  It is anticipated that trade name or commercially available substances can be safely used in the classroom by following the generic Standard Operating Procedures contained in the CHP and by ensuring such use does not represent a threat to physical safety.  The District reserves the right to ban any chemical substance, including trade name and commercially available substances, when information concerning the product’s composition indicates it to pose an unacceptable safety and health risk when evaluated by the Chemical Hygiene Officer or other System personnel responsible for chemical safety.

All chemicals on the AUL list are categorized into the following four (4) use categories:

Category 1 Authorization  Instructor Use Only

Category 2 Authorization  Advance Science Students

Category 3 Authorization  Grades 9 through 12

Category 4 Authorization General Use (All instructors and students)

Category authorizations are determined by the Chemical Hygiene Committee and/or CHO and are vertically integrated such that advanced science students may use a category 2, 3, and 4 chemical substance but may not use a category 1 substance. 

Under no circumstances are students allowed to use a chemical substance outside of their authorized use category.  Instructors wishing o use chemicals or chemical substances not on the AUL or perform chemical experiments outside of designated curriculum requirements shall file a “Chemical Use Request” form with the Science Coordinator.  The Coordinator, together with the Chemical Hygiene Officer, shall evaluate the instructional benefit of the substance, potential safety and health hazards posed by the substance and any regulatory impacts associated with the chemical’s use in the System, among other factors deemed to be appropriate and relevant during the evaluation.