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Student Training

Instructors shall train all students at the start of each school year before allowing any student to handle hazardous chemicals.  The “Student Laboratory Safety Training Manual” contained in the appendix shall be used for all training activities.  Instructors may supplement the manual’s contents with visual aids, training videos, slides, etc. but may not substitute material contained in the manual.  The student training manual is divided into the following subparts applicable to the class being trained:

·  Art

·  Biology

·  Chemistry

·  Earth Sciences

·  Elementary School Laboratories

·  Graphics Laboratories and Darkrooms

·  Physics

Chemistry Students in grades 7 through 12 shall be required to sign a “Safety Contract” at the start of each school year.  Signed safety contracts should be submitted to the Science Department along with Student Training Documentation Forms by September 30th of each year.  Transfer students shall be trained before being allowed to participate in ongoing activities that involve the use of hazardous chemicals.  Such training shall be documented with the Science Coordinator's office via regular inter-office mail on supplied forms.