Policy, Scope and ApplicationResponsibilities; Employee Information;Employee Training; Student Training; Authorized Chemical Use;Control Measures, General Requirements;Specific Requirements; Protective Equipment; Fume HoodsExposure Monitoring; Medical Surveillance; Incidents; Waste Disposal; Chemical Exposure; Chemical Spills; Appendix


The following individuals have been assigned certain basic responsibilities associated with this plan.  Specific requirements are detailed further in this document.


•  Supports and provides necessary resources to effectively implement program requirements.
•  Appoints Chemical Hygiene Officer.

Math-Science Learning Coordinator

•  Program maintenance and implementation.
•  Administrative guidance on plan requirements.
•  Ensure deficient items on laboratory inspection forms are addressed.
•  Employee training.

Chemical Hygiene Officer

•  Technical guidance.
•  Chairs Chemical Hygiene Committee.

Chemical Hygiene Committee

•  Provides input to CHO and Administration regarding chemical use, policies, and procedures.

Building Principal or Designate

•  Adherence of employees under their direction with CHP provisions.


•  Ensures chemicals are authorized for use prior to purchasing.


•  CHP implementation.
•  Prevent unauthorized chemical use.
•  Visitor safety.
•  Student training.
•  Safety compliance.
•  Inspections.
•  Incident reporting.
•  Initiating incident corrective actions.
•  Report possible over-exposures to administration.
•  Proper waste disposal.

Facilities Services

•  Chemical disposal.
•  Chemical spills.
•  Ventilation maintenance.
•  Eyewash and Safety Shower Inspections.

Bloodborne Diseases