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Policy Statement

It is the policy of the School System to ensure that the use of hazardous chemicals is protective of employee and student safety and health.  The System recognizes such substances are necessary to provide a high level of scientific learning and that such use can be performed in a manner protective of human health and safety provided established procedures are available and implemented.  This policy requires employees engaged in activities that utilize hazardous materials and substances to adhere to the requirements contained in this Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) in order to minimize or eliminate the hazards associated with their use.  This plan shall be distributed to all administrators, instructors, principals, and other employees as necessary to implement this policy and will be made available to the general public for examination according to policy.

Scope and Application

This document, referred to as the CHP or plan, describes the practices, procedures, equipment, and facilities to be used by employees, students, visitors, and other personnel in the following seven (7) areas of instruction:








Earth Sciences


Elementary School Laboratories


Graphics Laboratories and Darkrooms



Such procedures are necessary to protect affected individuals from the hazards associated with the use of hazardous chemicals as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  Such hazards include, but are not limited to, chemical exposures, fires, chemical related illnesses, and the threat to physical and personal safety.

All employees and students using hazardous chemicals in classrooms or laboratories are required to comply with the provisions of this plan.  An emphasis has been placed on Instructors, as these individuals are responsible for the activities performed in their classroom on a daily basis.

A Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO), appointed by the Superintendent, has been selected to provide technical guidance in the development and implementation of the provisions of this Chemical Hygiene Plan.  This plan shall be reviewed annually by the CHO and updated as necessary to reflect changes in the curriculum, technology, regulations, and facility equipment.  The CHO shall appoint members of the faculty and scientific community, as appropriate, to a Chemical Hygiene Committee whose purpose shall be to provide input and guidance on the program and suggest methods for continual improvement. 

Use of hazardous chemicals by any individual affected by this program is strictly prohibited until the information and training provisions contained in this plan are met.