Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Quiz

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1 Which employees are required to comply with the District Chemical Hygiene Plan?
    Only the Science teachers
    Only persons that need a bath
    All District employees and students that use hazardous chemicals
    Only those designated by the Superintendent

2 Reagent grade chemicals shall be stored and segregated according to:
    The OSHA standard
    The policy set by the Safety Coordinator
    There is no standard system used in the District
    The Flinn Storage Pattern, or some other approved storage pattern

3 Long hair and loose clothes shall not be confined.

4 A person can find out what chemicals are authorized for use in the district by looking at:
    A standard chemistry text book
    Asking the head of the DNR
    The approved hazardous chemical inventory list
    All chemicals are authorized for use in the district
    All of the above

5 The SOP's contain the information on how to dispose of waste materials.

6 The OSHA regulatory standard for Occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals in labs is 04 JUL 1776.1500

7 OSHA table 1910.1000 Table Z-1 sets what?
    Amount of chemicals that can be used at any one time
    Amount of chemicals that can be ingested
    No such table exists
    Limit for air contaminants

8 Broken glass may be disposed in regular trash bags.

9 When using a pipette it is ok to siphon by mouth if you are siphoning water.

10 You always need to wear safety goggles when handling chemicals?

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Review your answers using the answer key.