Electrical Safety Quiz

Answer Key

1 Safe work practices in schools for electricity include:
    All of the above

2 The following is an example of work that may be performed by a person who is not an electrician:
    Use of proper extension cord to power an appliance for a short time

3 Electrical current can flow through concrete.

4 The following is/are classified as unsafe act(s):
    A and C

5 Electrical cords connected to equipment may be used for raising or lowering equipment.

6 Conductive articles of jewelry and clothing should be worn around exposed energized equipment.

7 Extension cords in schools must have the following:
    3 prongs

8 School employees can perform most routine electric work themselves and don't need licensed electricians.

9 Cords should not be run through doors or above ceilings, and should ONLY be used as a temporary way to get power to a piece of equipment.

10 Water around electricity really doesn't matter and ground fault circuit interruptors don't really work and are not necessary.