Electrical Safety

  Codes and Regulations

Qualified and Authorized

According to OSHA 1910.331 Electrical safety-related work practices:

"Electrical equipment or electrical system design, installation, modification, testing, repair, and maintenance shall be done by QUALIFIED AND AUTHORIZED electrical personnel."

Lockout-Tagout(Working Around Energized Equipment and Systems) must be adhered to for all electrical work. NOTE: The Lockout-Tagout procedure requires the release of stored energy.

OSHA The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration's purpose and policy is to assure that every working person has safe and healthful working conditions.

Here are the OSHA requirements that must be followed:

  1. Live parts of 50 volts or more shall be guarded.
  2. Systems, Circuits and Equipment shall be grounded to:

    Protect people from shock
    Safeguard from fire

    Protect equipment from damage

  3. Exposed non-current carrying metal parts of equipment connected by cord and plug which may become energized shall be grounded to prevent shocks.

    If housing not connected to ground and if there is any leakage, a shock could result.

  4. Most common wiring violations are:

    #1 - Flexible cords shall have strain relief to prevent pull from being directly transmitted to joints or terminal screws.

    60% of fires are caused by poor connections
    and faulty outlets, plugs and cords.

    #2 - Conductors entering cabinets, etc. shall be protected from abrasion.

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