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1 What is the purpose of the confined space program? 
    Make employees do extra work
    Help provide for employee protection by evaluating hazards and providing employee protection, this time for small and/or hazardous spaces.
    Another Government mandate
    Part of the NASA space program

2 No employee shall be sent on a job that potentially involves work in a confined space unless:
    They have been properly trained and equipped
    They like enclosed areas
    They have a broken flash light
    All of the above

3 A confined space is not designed for continuous employee occupancy.

4 A confined space permit shall not be authorized until:
    The first Monday of the month
    All conditions of the permit have been met
    Kevin says so
    What's a permit
    The principal signs off on the entry

5 Normal atmosphere is composed of approximately 25% oxygen

6 The first step in conducting a safe confined space entry is to plan the entry.

7 Which of the following should not be done prior to entry of a confined space.
    Place warning signs to prevent unauthorized entry
    Isolate hazards
    Review entry procedures
    Call the superintendent

8 Using no spark tools helps to achieve acceptable atmospheric conditions.

9 When there is an evacuation alarm you need to exit the space quickly.

10 The attendant should remain outside the confined space during entry operations.

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