Confined Space Quiz

Answer Key

1 What is the purpose of the confined space program? 
    Help provide for employee protection by evaluating hazards and providing employee protection, this time for small and/or hazardous spaces.

2 No employee shall be sent on a job that potentially involves work in a confined space unless:
    They have been properly trained and equipped

3 A confined space is not designed for continuous employee occupancy.

4 A confined space permit shall not be authorized until:
    All conditions of the permit have been met

5 Normal atmosphere is composed of approximately 25% oxygen

6 The first step in conducting a safe confined space entry is to plan the entry.

7 Which of the following should not be done prior to entry of a confined space.
    Call the superintendent

8 Using no spark tools helps to achieve acceptable atmospheric conditions.

9 When there is an evacuation alarm you need to exit the space quickly.

10 The attendant should remain outside the confined space during entry operations.