Utilizing Safety Equipment

Where practical, all personnel entering a confined space should be equipped with a retrieval line secured at one end to the entrant by a full-body harness with its other end secured to a tripod lifting hoist.

Atmospheric Testing Procedures
  1. All testing equipment shall be calibrated by a qualified person as instructed by the manufacturer.

  2. All of the manufacturer's operating instructions must be followed.

  3. The test equipment should be tested in a known atmosphere to insure its accuracy.

  4. Ventilation equipment must be shut off before conducting any atmospheric tests.

  5. The atmosphere must be tested at the bottom, top, and middle of all confined spaces.

  6. The atmosphere must be continuously monitored while work is being conducted in the confined space.

  7. If the confined space is left for any reason, the atmosphere must be re-tested before re-entering the space.

Confined Space Cleaning Procedures

If cleaning must be conducted in a confined space to achieve acceptable atmospheric conditions, the following procedures must be followed:

  1. All entrants must be equipped with designated safety equipment.

  2. All entrants must be equipped with an SCBA.

  3. No spark-producing tools will be allowed for use.

Rescue Procedures

In the event of an emergency, the attendant should:
  1. Immediately summon the Emergency Response Personnel by radio or telephone.
    (Dial 911)Attempt to remove the victim by use of the retrieval line from outside the confined space if this can be accomplished without creating further hazard for the entrant or the attendant.If the attendant is able to remove the victim with the retrieval line, he/she should administer aid within the limits of his/her training until emergency medical services (EMS) arrive.

    If the standby person is unable to remove the victim by using the retrieval line, he or she must wait for help to arrive. The standby person(s) is not to enter the confined space for any reason.

  2. Give EMS personnel any information they request.