Back Safety Quiz

Answer key

1 The human spine is made up of small bones called?  

2 Improper repetitive lifting and bending can cause:
  All of the above

3 The lower part of the back holds most of the bodies weight so it has the most stress when lifting

4 The best zone for lifting is between your:
  Shoulders and knees

5 Poor physical condition can contribute to your risk of back injury.

6 You should try to hug the load (keep it close to your body) while lifting.

7 If the shape is too awkward or too heavy for you to lift:
  Get help or find a better way to lift the load (dolly, truck, etc).

8 According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, more than 1,000,000 workers suffer from back injuries each year.

9 Sitting or standing too long in one position can be hard on the back.

10 Twisting while lifting, not using your legs properly to lift (squat before lifing), and lifting too heavy a load (get help!)  are very common causes of lifting injuries.