Common Causes of Back Injuries

Many back injuries cannot be attributed to a single causal factor; in other words, they tend to be the result of cumulative damage suffered over a long period of time. However, certain actions, motions, and movements are more likely to cause and contribute to back injuries than others.

Anytime you find yourself doing one of these things, you should think: DANGER! My back is at risk!

Heavy Lifting

Twisting at the waist while lifting or holding a heavy load

Reaching and lifting

Lifting or carrying objects with awkward or odd shapes

Working in awkward, uncomfortable positions

Sitting or standing too long in one position

Slipping on a wet floor or ice

Also, some people suffer back pain because they sleep in a bad position, or because their mattress is too soft or does not provide enough support.

Question Which are generally recommended as the the best sleeping positions for your back?
A. On your stomach or back (w/ legs level)
B. On your side (w/ knees slightly bent) or back
     (w/ pillow under knees)

How to avoid back injuries