Asbestos Awareness Quiz

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1 Many older school buildings will contain some asbestos.  You are likely to find asbestos in:
  Ceiling tiles
  Floor tiles
  Pipe insulation
  All of the above

2 If you suspect a material of containing asbestos, you should never:
  Sand it
  Cut it
  Drill through it
  All of the above

3 Asbestos fibers are so small they may stay suspended in the air for hours or even days.

4 Which source of asbestos is most friable?
  Sprayed on insulation
  Undamaged pipe insulation elbows with protective cover 
  Floor tiles
  Lab counter tops
  Plaster walls

5 Given moderate exposure to asbestos, smokers have the same chance of developing an asbestos related disease as non-smokers.

Asbestos-containing ceiling tiles, floor tiles, pipe insulation, and cement products (transite) will not normally release asbestos fibers unless disturbed or damaged in some way.

7 If you accidentlly knock a chunk of sprayed-on asbestos insulation, you should:
  Carefully sweep it into a ziplock bag
  Leave it for the custodian to clean up
  Report it immediately
  Get a vacuum

8 The three most common asbestos related diseases are lung cancer, mesothelioma, AIDS.

9 Simply put, your chance of getting asbestos related disease increases when you receive alot of exposure (usually occupations like asbestos workers, pipe fitters, and even custodians that have had to impact asbestos as part of their duties) over a long period of time (usually years).

10 All schools in Maine have been inspected for asbestos building materials, have asbestos management plans (books), and have a person responsible for the asbestos book, training, and periodic inspections.

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