Fire Extinguisher Quiz

1 An example of two Class A fuels would be?
  Cardboard and newspapers

2 You really should only use a fire extinguisher on a small fire if you have been trained to use extinguishers.

3 Water will extinguish most flammable liquid fires?

4 The three elements of a fire triangle are:
  Fuel, a heat source, and oxygen

5 You should always keep an exit or means of escape at your back when trying to fight a fire.

ABC fire extinguishers put out fires by cooling them down.

7 Which type of extinguisher has a hard horn at the end of a hose or a metal arm and is used on flammable liquids and electric fires primarily (not common in schools)?
  Carbon dioxide

8 As a general rule, it is best to try to put out the fire before activating the fire alarm or calling 911.

9 Which types of fire extinguishers are most commonly found in schools? 
  Dry chemical, usually Type ABC

10 PASS stands for?
  Pull, aim, squeeze, and sweep